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Lipotox Dietary

Lipotox with Lipolysix Accelerate x 4
Multi Action Weight Loss Formula


Liposyx Accelerate, is a unique synthesis of extraordinary ingredients which have been shown in clinical trials to boost weight loss efforts by up to 4 times faster than diet and exerscise alone.

1) Boosts weight loss up to 4times

2) Burns more calories in 24 hours

3) Burns more fat in 24 hours

4) Boosts metabolism

5) Enchances thermogenesis

6) Enhances lipolysis

7) Suppresses appetite

8) Suppresses craving for sweets

9) Suppresses carbohydrate-cravings

10) Boosts energy levels

11) Provides nutrient support

12) Provides antioxidant support
Directions for Use: Recommended way of Use, 1tablet after breakfast 2 tablets after lunch and 2 tablets after dinner, follower by a glass of water. Maximum 6 tablets per day.


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